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Hello My dA Friends.... man o man has it been so long.. since I've posted here.. yeah , yeah it has... so busy with life & whatnot..   & since my membership has expired I just haven't been back here as often as I need to ...
anyone out there want to get me a membership.. man I'd sure love it..   would be nice to be back here on good ol dA...  :)
I haven't been making much money this past yr.. so I just haven't had the extra cash  to get my membership back up & running...
ahhh the life of an artist  hehheheh...
but for those of you who continue to support my art.. I truly appreciate it... :) :headbang:  
pleae visit my at  for my latest works.. & always  drop by for a visit at my main page .... trying to do more updates there... but again time is always against me it seems...
but i'am still around.. still creating & trying new ways to get my art seen & used/licensed ... just kind of feels like I've gone back to square one.. sometimes   :)
again.. I know.. that's the life of us.. artists :)
ok well.. drop by…   for some cool new items.... fun stuff... :)
always good deals & be sure to look for the latest  sales there..  seems each wk Zazzle  has a new sale going on.. you can find some great prices... 65% off canvas prints.. etc...  :)
hopefully i'll be adding more new art here soon..
Thank you for all the new & continued support..
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0verd0sed Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
-=[ i hear ya welcome back same here i totally forgot my pass here for like couple years till i got drunk and remember all of a going through similar times in a way...lately been thinking of getting back into my stuff too with some new visions in mind and my friends own long planned comic series he made me part of...hopfully we can get that project going...scouting for artist for this...anyways keep up the great work as always, as ive been a fan of your work its been an inspiration when i started years ago i mention on our last convo on fb...thanks again for that \mm/ ]
KnightFlyte96 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
thank you.. I always appreciate the support, 8 I hope you find your creative vibe again.. :)
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